For 30 years, STADT has developed, manufactured and installed AC motor-drives, process controls and integrated electric propulsion systems for ships. STADT has always been focusing on development of SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS that will have a positive impact on the environmental issues in a global scale.

In 1997, after several years of intensive developments, an innovative and very modern inverter series was launched. A major advantage of these inverters, was the very compact design due to effective direct water cooling. The first STADT delivery went to the Norwegian coastguard K/V Tromsø.

This was a breakthrough, and the business improved rapidly. The main business area for the new inverters, made in powers up to 3500 kW 690 V, was for diesel-electric main propulsion of ships, as well as offshore applications on oil rigs and for industrial use. Companies like TFDS - Hurtigruten, Geo Shipping, PGS, Sanco Shipping, Aker, Statoil, Hydro, BP and Bayer AG became regular customers.

In 2001 the watercooled STADT IGBT-converter business, based on PWM technology, was sold to ABB, which incorporated them into their marine product range.

After 2001 STADT has been working with development of the 5. generation AC drives, the STADT LEAN DRIVE. This new no loss technology, based on sinus control, was patented in 2008, and launched to the first ship applications the same year.

STADT has recently signed several contracts for various ships to use the STADT LEAN DRIVE full electric ship propulsion system, and has gained major experience with the system during the project MV "Sanco Star", delivered in 2008.

STADT is a supplier of totally integrated electric systems, including generators, switchboards, motor drives / inverters, power management systems, integrated alarm and monitoring systems, electric motors and DP systems etc.

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